Three things we can achieve together

I am GEORGE VAN (PhD, Cambridge) and I pursue ventures that are characterised by a few select things: becoming and being FIRST and SPECIAL, establishing & cultivating Inventor, Innovator and Investor Relations as well as developing & building The

I believe that ‘for the better is for the different’, ‘opportunity is where mindsets, insights and outlooks merge’, and ‘business ain’t busyness’. the why you do it, the how you do it and the what you do: becoming and being first of a kind, establishing & cultivating outstanding relationships and developing & building systems that look after you so you can do what truly matters to you.

join us to benefit from each other’s missions, relationships and systems to become the person and business we aspire to be!

First is nothing without Special

Being FIRST or not is a black-and-white matter. Either you are FIRST or you’re not. There are no shades of grey. What most people miss: Success and failure are about more than being FIRST. Success and failure are about being FIRSP. Being FIRST. Being SPECIAL. That’s where the shades of grey come in. We strive to master the shades of grey. So we get the black and white outcomes we desire. For the success we deserve. Are you willing to do what it takes to be FIRSP? Being FIRST is simple but hard. The concept is simple. Execution is hard. See what others see. Do what others do. In the same way. For the same reasons. Just a little bit harder. With very similar results. Being FIRSP is complex but easy. The concept is complex. Execution is easy. See what others can’t see. Do what others can’t do. In different ways. For different reasons. Just a little bit differently. With vastly different results. I am GEORGE VAN (PhD, Cambridge) and I share my mindset, insights and outlook on what has changed my life for good: Being FIRSP at everything I think, say and do. Through my academic research, executive training and business practice, I connect with first of their kind people from business & politics, the arts & sciences, media & sports. Together we explore why it matters to be FIRSP, what it means to be FIRSP and how we can be FIRSP.

Think Investor & Act Inventor Innovator

Our lives, businesses and economies are held back by Invention, innovation and investment which is: too linear. too little. too late. The reason behind it is the interaction among inventors, innovators and investors which is: Too linear. Too little. Too late. The consequence is a disconnect across our R&D base, use cases and business models. From artificial intelligence (AI) to quantum computing (QC), the next round of invention, innovation and investment won’t occur in isolation and the next generation of INVENTORS, INNOVATORS and INVESTORS won’t operate independently. That’s why we set out to develop the mindset, insights and outlook of the crossover INVENTOR, INNOVATOR and INVESTOR. So we can think, decide and act as the INVXR. To be able to: Invent upward. Innovate across. Invest forward. I am GEORGE VAN (PhD, Cambridge) and share my mindset, insights and outlooks as the INVXR – the crossover INVENTOR, INNOVATOR, INVESTOR. Through my academic research, executive training and business practice, I connect with inventors, innovators and investors. Together we create and realize opportunities for technology, application and commerce that transform our lives and businesses for the better.

I lean on my systems to rise to my potential

We don’t realize our potential. Not even close. We fall short of our expectations. By a wide margin. And we deserve more. Much more. We are not limited by our beliefs, aspirations or goals. We are limited by our systems, processes and routines. Or the lack thereof. What we need is the right way of managing our life, career and business. We need a system. A system of systems. So we can focus on the things that truly matter to us. What we need is the OPERATING ECOSYSTEM. Much like the OS of your computer and mobile phone lets your programs and apps run smoothly, the OPERATING ECOSYSTEM lets your life, career and business function smoothly. It works for you: 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. The OPERATING SYSTEM allows you to remove the most valuable thing from the equation: YOURSELF. So YOU can focus on what matters most to you: Your intelligence. Your creativity. Your relationships. The OPERATING ECOSYSTEM lets you eliminate the redundant, automate the repetitive and delegate the rest. It helps you leverage your resources, compound your results and scale your reach. In doing so, it enables you to reclaim your time, recharge your energy and realize your value. I am GEORGE VAN (PhD, Cambridge) and I share my mindset, insights and outlook on the OPERATING ECOSYSTEM which has transformed my life, career and business. Through my own academic research, executive training and business practice, I team up with individuals, entrepreneurs and executives. Together we develop, build and run the OPERATING ECOSYSTEM that empowers us, enables us, enriches us and sets us free. So we can focus on what matters most to us: Our intelligence. Our creativity. Our relationships.


You can tell a person’s character by what they do, not by what they say. This is what I say and do:

The Entrepreneur Professor who builds better businesses better.

Master with the PREFESSOR

The Present, Positive and Persistent Leader who transforms lives.

Lead with the PRESITENT

The Doctor Trainer who transforms the way you think, decide and act.

Train with the DOCTROR

My personal take on what it takes to be FIRST & SPECIAL and why it matters.

Share purpose. Solve problems. Serve People. Be first. Be special. Be FIRSP.

My personal take on what Equity, Equality and Equivalency really mean.

Own your fair Stake, Shot and Share.

My personal take on Renewable Energy that is realistic, reliable and reasonable.

Renewable Energy that works for us.